Embroidered Patches & Badges

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are manufactured by an embroidery machine that lays down a series of different sized polyester or rayon stitches onto a polyester twill base material to produce an image or design of your choosing. The laying down of the stitches creates a raised, textured surface that has a bright, vivid finish that easily rivals the colour base of most Pantone colours.  Embroidered patches are also tough and colourfast making them the ideal branding method for sporting clubs, motorcycle clubs, uniforms, general work wear, the military and as promotional merchandise for locations and events of all types. [Read More >>>]

Embroidered Badges

Like an embroidered patch, embroidered badges are manufactured in the same process. People in uniform such as Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance and anyone in the Defence Force such as the Army, Navy and Air Force generally refer to them as a embroidered badge rather than a patch. Most of the time these badges will have special backings applied. [Read More >>>]

Printed Patches

This type of patch does not use any type of stitch work to create your design. Our printed patches are manufactured from a range of set size blanks, consisting of a polyester twill base with a satin stitch border and a laser cut edge.  These blanks are then dye sublimation printed with your artwork or design. These cloth patches are great if you have complex artwork with fine detail or artwork with gradients that you really don't want to change to suit embroidery. [Read More >>>]

Uniform Patches & Badges

Our embroidered and printed uniform patches and badges can be designed and made for any type of uniform including work wear, shirts, jackets, pants, blazers and other uniform apparel. Zen Promotional uses quality materials and backings to manufacture the highest quality patches and badges available. [Read More >>>]

Motorcycle Club Patches

These type of patches are designed and manufactured specifically for motorcycle clubs and biker jackets. Materials used are generally 100% polyester due to its toughness, UV resistance and colour fastness. Specialised techniques such as laser cutting and application of plastic backings are regularly used to give the end product a unique look to each club. [Read More >>>]

Back Patches

Back patches are generally larger scale patches in excess of 200mm x 200mm in size. These types of embroidered patches contain tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands of stitches, have a much higher cost than a standard patch and are generally used for high quality garments such as club, college school jackets and blazers or leather jackets.