Metal Spinner Key Ring

Metal Spinner Key Ring

Australian Metal Key Ring


These 43mm Diameter metal key rings were part of a set that we made for the 2014 Australia Day awards. The key rings are made from stamped iron, electroplated with zinc, followed by a soft enamel infill and finished with a hard epoxy dome. The key chain used was a 1.2mm faceted stainless steel chain with a 25mm split ring. Zen Promotional specialize in the design and development of your artwork ready to be made into a metal key ring. We have many different plating options available including gold, silver, bronze, antique, frosted and many more. Other options for branding include pad printing, engraving, stamping and colour infill.

Due to the complexity and various sizes and options of metal key rings we have not included prices on this page. Please contact us for a quote based on your specific requirements.

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