Printed Patches

Zen Promotional's custom printed patches are available in a range of sizes and are sublimation printed in full colour using your artwork. These printed uniform patches are great if you have complex artwork with fine detail or artwork with gradients that you really don't want to change to suit embroidery. We also have the added bonus of being are to complete rush orders within 48 hours for this product.

Unlike embroidered patches, our customised printed patches take less time to setup and require less steps to prepare for manufacturing. This allows us to reduce the cost of the end product and to be able to provide our clients with a minimum order quantity starting from just 1 piece.

Based in Australia. Zen Promotional are a premium promotional products and patch manufacturer. We are able to offer free setup and delivery not only to our Australian customers, but also customers in most other countries around the world including New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Europe and the UAE, just to name a few. Average manufacturing and delivery times for Australian orders are 3 - 10 working days. Average manufacturing and delivery times for global orders are 5-15 days, including weekends. 


Preparing your Design

Preparation of artwork requires that you provide us with artwork in either vector format such as AI, EPS, layered TIFF or PDF or a high resolution raster format such as a JPG, TIFF or a PNG file. Vector artwork is always preferred as this allows us to make changes more easily if required. We can either layout the artwork for you or we can provide you with the template file for you to layout your own artwork.

Artwork assessment before placing an order is free of charge. This allows us to inform you whether your artwork is suitable to make into a printed patch, or if a higher quality is required. We will also assess your artwork for any potential design issues. Generally any small design changes are made free of charge. If major design changes are required to prepare your artwork for print, surcharges may apply.


Blank Patch Sizes

All printed patches can be manufactured using the follow set sizes. 60mm Dia, 70mm Dia , 80mm Dia, 100mm Dia, 100mm W x 30mm H, 100mm W x 40mm H, 100mm W x 50mm H, 100mm W x 70mm H,


Printed Uniform PatchPatch Backings

Our printed patches are made from 100% polyester twill with a laser cut satin stitched border. As standard, these are required to be stitched on just inside the border using a clear polyester thread. Iron-on heat seals are also available for an additional surcharge. The heat seal allows the patch to be quickly and easily bonded to most surfaces including items like t-shirts, work shirts, hats and most other types of promotional clothing.

Quality control

We take quality control very seriously. We have a multi stepped QC process to make sure that no mistakes are made in the manufacturer of your patches.

Step 1. We provide you with a digital PDF proof of your patch design.
Step 2. We provide you with a photo of your pre-production sample for approval. (For orders of 10pcs +)
Step 3. Check each patch for faults before dispatch.


100% Replacement Guarantee

We offer a 100% replacement guarantee on all of our embroidered patches. If your patches are faulty, or there is a mistake in the patch print or if your patches are not exactly what you ordered then we will happily replace your order for free. **Replacement guarantee subject to manufacturing tolerances

Free Samples

If you would like to check out the quality of our workmanship before making a purchase then why not contact us to request some free samples. Simply call us on (03) 5002 0442 or (02) 9011 7057 to order yours today.


  round custom printed patch

Further Information

Are Printed Patches Right for me?

This mainly depends on your design and intended application. If you want the nice look of embroidery and are willing to compromise on artwork modifications if required, then embroidered patches are most likely for you. If you have very detailed and complex artwork that cannot be easily modified without taking away major elements or the look of your design or you need your product in a very short time then printed patches may be a better option.

Limitations of Printed Patches

In relation to your artwork or design, printed patches have few limitations. Being an actual printed image means that we can almost print anything, including full colour gradients and small fine detail. However as these images are printed and then sublimated onto a polyester twill base the weave of the fabric will cause some loss in resolution.

Printed Patch Resolution

As mentioned above due to the texture of the substraight these patches are made from, the resolution of the end product is reduced down to approximately 200 - 250dpi. This will not effect the finished product too much and the overall look of the finished patches is excellent. If you compared these to an embroidered patch you would find that the edges and lines and much sharper with a printed patch. 

Patch Gradients

When it comes to gradients (one colour blending into another) we treat a gradient for a printed patch no differently than if we we printing it on paper. Gradients will turn out excellent using this process.

round custom printed patch Patch Materials
When it comes to manufacturing a high quality product, the type of materials you use will play a large part in not only the overall look and feel of the patch but also the longevity, washability and its ability to stand up to the wide variety of applications that they can be used in. Zen Promotional only use the best quality, twills, sublimation inks, sublimation paper & iron-on heats seals. Our USA made sublimation inks will hold their colour for the life of your uniform. Sawgrass inks are our prefered sublimation inks as they will stand up to tougher treatment over cheaper inks. Our patches are designed to stand up to commercial washing and have excellent UV resistance. Our iron-on heat seal is an imported product from the USA which has excellent adhesion compared to other cheaper heat seals.

Patch Applications

Printed patches can be used for many applications. Their main use is for branding of clothing, such as emergency services, commercial and military uniforms, hats, work wear, sportswear, branded clothing lines, jackets and blazers. However they can also be used for branding luggage, bags or other items where a high resolution logo or brand is required. Printed patches are particularly useful when you are on a tight schedule as they can be manufacturered within a matter of hours. 

Ordering Process Ordering your printed patches is an easy process. Simply call us on (03) 5002 0442 or (02) 9011 7057 (Mon - Fri, 9:00am - 5:30pm AEST), Visit our contact us page or simply click on the "ENQUIRE ABOUT THIS ITEM" button that you will find on every product page. Send us your phone number, the size of the badge you would like, the number of pieces you require and the backing you would like, such as an iron-on heat seal. It is also helpful if you can email us a copy of your artwork or design. We usually respond to 90% of enquiries within 1 hour or less during business hours. You can also order your printed patches directly online by clicking on the "Buy Now"button that you will find below the prices on each product information page for this product range.


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