Club Stubby Holders

Club Stubby Holders

Blank Sublimation Stubby Holders

Blank Sublimation Stubby Holders is available to buy in increments of 10
Material: Polyester Covered 3mm Neoprene rubber
Colour: White on the front and Black on the back
Dimensions: 220cm x 107cm
Printable Area: 165cm x 107mm

These lightweight 3mm neoprene stubby holders are popular sublimation blanks for custom made stubby holders. As blanks are flat they are easy to work with and press. These lightweight sublimation blanks also make it easy to post back to your customers once they have been printed. This item is a fantastic idea for special events Father's Day, Birthday's, Christmas, Corporate gift or as a general promotional item or hand out. Wraps perfectly around a standard 330 - 375ml can, glass bottle or stubby. Heat Press Instructions:

Place sublimation blank stubby holder on top on a piece of 10mm silicone rubber that is at least as long as the stubby holder. Make sure that the white side is facing up and the Velcro Hooks side is on the left and hanging over the end of the 10mm silicone rubber. the rest of the blank should be on top of it. We do this so that when you press it you do not put pressure on the Velcro hooks.

Now place your 173mm x 114mm (mirror image) sublimation print (this includes your bleed) with print facing down and tape into position using heat tape.

Press at 175C, light pressure for 70secs, release press, remove paper and let stubby holder cool.

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