100mm x 60mm Laser Engraved Stainless Marker

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Introducing our premium laser-engraved 100mm x 60mm x 1.2mm 316 stainless steel markers and labels with a sleek No.4 brushed finish. Our stainless labels are highly durable, making them essential for a variety of applications including electrical, industrial, and the beverage/wine food and water industries.

Designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, our laser engraved stainless steel labels and markers are the perfect solution for factories and the identification of underground pipes and cables. All of our stainless steel markers come with etched and oxidised fiber laser engraving that remains intact even when exposed to pickle or caustic substances, guaranteeing longevity.

Via our Fiber laser we are able to apply unique alphanumeric data to each of your markers, this can be as simple as one line or multi-line. We can also apply barcodes for scanning and identification.

Data can be provided via CSV or .xls files. Simply choose the number of lines of unique data when ordering and we will email you instructions and a sample .xls file So you can see that format that needs to be provided.

We understand that your stainless labels and markers may need to meet set specifications such as minimum letter height. You can trust us to deliver your markers to meet your exact requirements.

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